Anesthesia Residents

AQB offers the anesthesia resident the opportunity to stratify questions into the "Basic" mode where the questions are on topics tested on the "Basic Exam" and the "Advanced" mode where the questions are on topics tested on the "Advanced Exam." The BASIC Examination focuses on the scientific basis of clinical anesthetic practice and will concentrate on content areas such as pharmacology, physiology, anatomy, anesthesia equipment and monitoring. The ADVANCED Examination primarily focuses on clinical aspects of anesthetic practice and will emphasize sub-specialty-based practice and advanced clinical issues; however, it will cover topics from the full content outline for the BASIC and ADVANCED Examinations.

Pediatric Anesthesia Fellow

Pediatric anesthesiology boards can be intimidating and create intense anxiety for even the most seasoned clinician. Because most people studying for this exam will not have protected time to just study, the AnesthesiaQbank is an excellent resource both to gauge a clinicians knowledge as well as teach the clinician about areas of pediatric anesthesiology where more focus is needed. Each question is based on the ABA released pediatric anesthesia keywords for content and uses the ABA released sample questions for format. We employ only board certified pediatric anesthesiologists as authors and each question is reviewed and approved by two senior anesthesia question writers prior to being entered into our Qbank. We also survey our students after each real exam date to see if there are topics we are lacking and constantly add new questions to keep our database robust and up to date. Whether you are currently enrolled in a pediatric anesthesia fellowship or actively practicing in a non-fellow role in the clinical setting, AnesthesiaQbank affords the user the flexibility of studying in between cases or during down time in the midst of a call. Each exam is equipped with the capability to "pause" and "save" the exam with the timer settings in tact so that you may be able to pick up where you left off at any point. We realize this is a relatively new exam. Our questions are designed to cover multiple keywords so that in a short span of time you are exposed to as many relevant topics as possible.

CRNA Certification

The National Certification Exam (NCE) for Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) was designed to assess the knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary for entry-level nurse anesthesia practitioners. Additionally, the National Board on Certification and Recertification of Nurse Anesthetists (NBCRNA) has been adding alternative question formats to the NCE. CRNAs studying for the certification exam will find the AnesthesiaQBank extremely useful. The most commonly tested topics are used for content and each question is reviewed by multiple clinicians to ensure accuracy. Some of the questions may seem a little too advanced, but we did this intentionally. If you can do well on the AnesthesiaQbank questions, then you will find the actual exam much easier. The AnesthesiaQbank layout is very similar to the NCE layout but to prevent copyright infringement, the location of buttons and the color scheme has been edited. The functionality, however, remains the same. Additionally, beginning in 2020, CRNAs certified in 2010 and after will be required to take the recertification exam (CPC), which is divided as follows: