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Frequently Asked Questions

Both Qbanks are essentially the same. Anesthesia residents have the added advantage of creating exams based on "BASIC" and "ADVANCED" mode in order to study more effectively for the "staged" examination process that the ABA has phased in. Anesthesia attendings studying for MOCA can also break their studying my these modes, but we recommend they do not. Rather, the best way for a board certified attending studying for MOCA to use the Qbank is to take a 50 question exam covering ALL the subjects and then see in the analysis page which were their areas of weakness. Targeted tests should then be created to assist in their studying.
Just Medical Stuff Inc is the parent company for anesthesiaqbank. Thus, the billing will reflect this.
We highly discourage the use of sharing of accounts. First, the terms and conditions clearly states that accounts are for individual use and sharing is strictly prohibited. Thus, violation of this condition may lead to termination of account privileges without refund as well as legal prosecution because you are disseminating copyright materials without permission. It also is quite easy for us to track using the IP address if more than one person is using the Qbank. Secondly, and more importantly, the sharing of accounts robs you, the user, of being able to utilize the analysis portion of the website. For example, if you are weak in a certain area, such as cardiac, your score will be skewed if the person you are "sharing" with is strong on cardiac. Your ability to redo "wrong" questions will be compromised. Thus, the whole essence of this qbank is to provide you with analysis and feedback that question books cannot. Why rob yourself of this feature?
No. AnesthesiaQbank is committed to the development of original questions based on the "keywords" released by the ABA. We do not engage in plagiarism and strongly discourage others from plagiarizing as well. That being said, it is possible that our questions may resemble actual questions on the boards because both our questions and the ABA's is based on the same keywords.
Again, though we welcome feedback from our students as to whether one topic was emphasized more than the other, we highly discourage plagiarizm and thus do not solicit such information.
There is a button on the test screen for reporting errors. This button can also be used to dispute an answer or seek further explanation. Please bear in mind that due to the volume of questions and users, if an explanation is insufficient for some users, we will likely refer you to a respectable book source rather than provide you with further explanation ourselves.
Again, the report error button can be utilized for this.
We recommend students begin the qbank as early as possible during your residency. Start with the "BASIC" subjects and utilize the explanations and the references provided in those explanations to guide your studying.
Absolutely not! We are constantly adding new questions. Thus, from year to year you will see brand new questions to test your knowledge. Also, the website allows you to create exams composed of just "new" questions versus just "old" questions versus a blend of both.
We are constantly adding new questions.
The Anesthesia Qbank is tailored to both groups. CRNAs may find some of the questions a little more challenging than their exam but we did this purposely because if you can do well on our questions than you are in very good shape for the NCE.
Yes. beginning in 2020, CRNAs certified in 2010 and after will be required to take the recertification exam (CPC), which is divided as follows:

1. Airway Management (28%)

2. Ap​plied Clinical Pharmacology (28%)

3. Physiology and Pathophysiology (28%)

​4. Anesthesia Equipment and Technology (16%)